Video of new RWH system in Staten Island!

CENYC built a Rainwater Harvesting System at the Joe Holska Community Garden in Staten Island, New York. The collection area is a 10 Ft wide by 20 Ft long by 8 Ft high wood pavilion with a sheet metal roof . The crew were members of the Green Apple Corps with assistance of staff from CENYC and direction from Lenny Librizzi. A custom made gutter directs rainwater to a screen filter/ diverter and then to a 343 gallon tank. A 3/4 inch hose bib is used to drain the tank. The filter / diverter allows for shutting down and winterizing the system. Materials and labor were funded through a contract between GreenThumb and CENYC.

Check out Lenny's video!

2009 Rainwater Harvesting Beautification Contest Sites

In Fall 2008 - Spring 2009, gardens throughout the city competed to beautify their rainwater harvesting systems with paint and vegetation. What do you have planned this year?

DEP Rain Barrel Program in Queens

In spring 2008, NYC Department of Environmental Protection has distributed 250 rain barrels to eligible homeowners in southeastern Queens. Homeowners attended optional DEP training workshops to learn how to install, use and maintain rain barrels and received a complete kit and instructions with their rain barrel to allow them to install themselves. DEP will follow-up with each homeowner in the fall to see how the rain barrel is working and to collect completed homeowner evaluations. For complete info, visit the DEP's website for the program.

Rainwater Harvesting in the News!

WRG founding member Lenny Librizzi was featured in the NY Times article "Raindrops Keep Falling in My Tank" by Anne Raver on July 24, 2008.